Holiday Gift Pricing

Cake Truffles and Caramels make the perfect holiday gifts and stocking stuffers for anyone: neighbors, teachers, hostesses, and co-workers for starters.  

Add custom gift wrapping for only $1.50 more per box or bag and you're all set to check some gifts off your giving list!! 

Cake truffles come in white or red rectangle boxes of 10 for $10
(minimum order is 10 of one flavor)

Caramels come in 2.5 oz and 5 oz cellophane bags for $5 and $10 each respectively.

 Or reusable mason jars decorated with a festive ribbon in 3 sizes:   
5 oz jars ($12.50), 2.5 oz jars ($7.50), or 1.25 oz jars ($3.50).

You may also choose to have 7 cake truffles (all same flavor) packaged in a cute tree-shaped box for $10 (gift wrap included) or 2.5 oz of caramels packaged in a cute requsable corrugated star-shaped box for $7.50 (gift wrap included).

Holiday Cake Pops, shown here are $3 each (ones with sprinkles are just $2 each) - minimum order is 5 of one design.

Cupcakes are $18/dozen for chocolate and vanilla; $25/dozen for deluxe flavors. 
Find more pricing info on that here.

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