Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cake Pops Conquered :)

So my little nephew turned the big '1' year old this week and my sister threw him a super cute owl party. She did an amazing job on the cakes, and since I was not on cake duty, I made these instead, from Bakerella's Cake Pop book.
The first time I tried cake pops, they failed miserably. They didnt even taste good. I've never had such a horrible cake experience, and I wasn't about to let it end like that. So I tried again, this time with better ingredients and a little experience behind me, and they were fabulous. And I mean fabulous. They tasted so yummy, you could care less what the outside looked like. Anyway, I would totally make them a dozen times over! And would be completely capable of not sharing. (Photo courtesy of Parikha Mehta)

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